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Charleston raccoon trapping

Charleston didn't used to have a raccoon problem. Back before the 1980's, raccoons were rare in Charleston and lived in the more remote or undeveloped regions of West Virginia. But then they suddenly became more used to urban and suburban neighborhood settings, and are now found throughout Charleston. While they are more urban animals, like rats or squirrels, we still regard them as special and talented animals, worthy of respect and humane treatment. We specialize in wild animals only, not pest insects, and we never use poison. We want to help you solve your raccoon problem, but we don't want to kill these animals! Call us at 304-782-6432 to discuss your raccoon issue.

Our animal removal services span a range of situations, including inside your home and under your porch. Groundhogs and skunks, for example, frequently decide to take up residence under your porch or shed, but we can help you evict them. We can also help you with snake removal, including 24/7 emergency removal. Don't hesitate to contact us since our team has the experience and tools necessary to safely remove all of the snakes that live in this state. Our biggest specialty and most common service is getting rid of animals that invaded your attic. Hear odd noises in your ceiling at night? It might be squirrels, raccoons, or raccoons. Notice possums or raccoons invading your home? We can remove them for you and relocate them to a safe release site that is ten miles or more away, discouraging them from returning. Unless you want us to, we don't just remove the animals and leave you alone. We can also handle the cleanup and sanitation, including replacing insulation in your attic when it has been damaged by animals. One of our specialties is extracting bat colonies. We remove every single bat without harming any of them, and can clean your attic after!